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How to create a handlettered acrylic ornament

Step 1: Wipe of the acrylic with little rubbing alcohol and a clean cloth before you start working on your ornament.

Step 2: Create design and lettering on a piece of paper that you can totally trace on your acrylic.

Step 3: My favorite pens on acrylic are oil based. You can use water based pens too but they scratch off easily. I recommend Sharpie extra fine paint pen.

Trace the design keeping the acrylic on the paper sketch. Try to tape the edges so you don't have to focus on keeping the acrylic still. Trace your design and lettering.

You can also add a background color with your favorite acrylic paint on the other side. Let it dry completely.

Step 4: Wipe of any excess dust and finger prints with a clean damp cloth to make sure it looks the best.

Step 5: Use your favorite ribbon or string to hang the ornament. This makes the ornament look more beautiful.

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